Intake is a necessary part of each supervised visitation case. It provides a snapshot of the case, and keeps the child, parents, and monitor, safe. During intake, protocol, and guidelines for the visitation will be reviewed and a written agreement will be discussed and signed.

Also, staggering times for drop-off/pick-up will be reviewed. It is necessary to provide a safe, conflict-free, visit. A copy of the Court Order/Consent Order and/or Parenting Agreement will be provided from either an attorney or parents at this time also. We cannot proceed without the completion of intake from both parties.

Supervised Visitation
Supervised visitation between a non-custodial parent and child with a neutral third party present.  Supervised Exchange refers to the monitoring of the exchange of a child or children from one parent to another parent.

Supervised Exchange
Supervised exchange refers to the monitoring of the exchange for a child or children from one parent to another parent. 
Supervised custody exchanges are simply meant to avoid conflict.

Supervised visitation reports are written in an objective style. If reports are needed, we offer this service for an additional fee.

Supervised Phone Calls
We now offer supervision with phone calls and a detailed report is written. All fees for visitation, reports, intake, and other services will be discussed with each client regarding their case. Fees may vary according to the case and duration. 

We are located in Columbia, MD and service families in areas surrounding
the DC/Baltimore area.